Monday, November 2, 2009

Google adsense.....Its policy

Google adsense is one of google tools which enables google to employ a blog owner or website owner known as a publisher..It allows a publisher to earn a revenue when google spider crawl and serve google ads on one's site or blog.
Although google do not disclose revenue paid to a publisher when a visitor click on ads.This is because of advertisers bid differs.
But a publisher can big cash through google monthly..
There are some basic rules one must follow first to enable google accept your site or blog.
They are...
1.... your blog or site must be visible on net.
2... it contain good and quality articles ,contents,products or writeup
3...It must contain adult page or phonographic pictures..
4... no cultism

When you have good quality site or blog you can apply for google adsense..
To avoid google disable your account.. you need to avoid the following.
Allowing someone to regular click on your ads from a particular..because a unique visitor or visitors to your blog or site may on visit your site once a month .
Avoid using proxy IP to click on your ads..
Do not click on your ads from the pc or ip your are working.
Random click on your ads may lead to account disable.
Just work a little bit to get visitors to your site or blog..
At least in a month your site or blog received up 20000 visitors you might make close $3000 to $7000 from google it depends..
Google machine is sophisticated.. that you can not runway and you get banned..

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