Thursday, November 12, 2009

Traffic buiilding secret....The only ways to make big cash on internet business

Traffic is an internet marketing terms use to describe visitors or customers that visit one's site or blog.It has being and will remain the only way a business blogger or an internet marketing person to make big cash from google,affiliate or any other internet marketing ..
T o get easy traffic to your site or blog and big income.. You must follow this steps

1... Make sure your site or blog is easy to navigate by nothing putting too many graphic and music sound that will slow your site opening..

2... Allow a least 7 posts to display on your main body

3.... Post always on your blog or site..

4... Register with forums and post and make good comments

5.... Exchange links with other bloggers..

6... Always make a reasonable comment to people site or blog and leave backlink to your site.

7... Register with social network sites like facebook,myspace, twitter,orkut and others make sure you arrange your profile to attract people worldwide..

8... Buy internet related business magazine,books, newspapers.

9... Attend internet wealth seminars both free and paid ones.

10.... Each time you post ping your post using sites like pingomatic,,pingoat, and others is a way of telling other social booking site and search engines that you have updated..

11....W rite articles post on sites like amazines,ezinearticles,articlealley,isanre and others minimum of 250 words.

12... Register with some site like clickthru and others just to surf sites for them and get traffic to yours..

13.... You can buy traffic to increase your revenue

14... Each time you update your site share the title or heading with social networks sites you registered

15...Many blogs on different things to increase your monetized sites or blogs income.

16....Do not use your personal name to build your site look for niche on your area of interest..

17.. Use search engines to double your site visibility on net

18...Register with this site if are using google adsense,just upload pictures,video and write blog post and increase your adsense earnings.Is secured and empowered by adsense and 100 percent control of your earnings.

19... Upload articles at youtude on ebook and video form.

20... Place an ads in target market magazines,

21.... print handbill and give them to people offline to read and visit your site.

22... Register with yahoo answers..Answer questions that relates to your site.

23.. Register with groups with google and yahoo often and communicate with group members.

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