Friday, November 20, 2009

Online magazine...How to start a profitable one

Publishing content for profit on the internet is one of the fattest areas growing areas of online business..Every day new online magazines are being launched,covering every subject imaginable..

You may ask the following questions

what is an online magazines?
An online magazines is an internet based information site focused on well defined subject area.Some focus on serving the business sector, while others target consumers.
They tend to be a mix of news ,opinion,features articles,reviews,interviews and case studies.

Is there a difference between a blog and an online magazine?
log is an abbreviation of "web log" and that is what the early blogs were.They were simple chronological records of people thoughts and internet.They were the equivalent of keeping a simple online dairy..As blogs have evolved ,however they have became more sophisticated in terms of both their content and their functionality.Many of the bigger blogs are contributors and supplies information

Why is online magazines publishing booming

-- It is cheap,easy to use online publishing tools that do not require any technical knowledge

---Reaching a global audience is at lower cost using nice subjects that can attract enough audience from the world

---You can generate income using google adsense,affiliate marketing,kontera,adbrite,chitika and others,
Nice time start yours and start making big cash ..

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