Friday, November 13, 2009

Social networks...The new maggic of internet traffic

Social network sites are now begining to be the real ways of getting thousands and millions of visitors to ones site without paying..
A re an internet business person ? and you do not have facebook account,twitter,myspace and linkedln you are missing a lot..
As an internet marketer looking for ways for millions of people to know your goods and services.when you register with social networks sites.. Do the following

1... Make sure your profile looks attractive and interesting to people.

2... Make sure your have your site or sites as links....

3.. Aslo put fine and attractice picture to represent yourself

4. Allow peolpe to weclome you easily without asking for permission..

Like myspace there are many thousands of groups and millions people on different groups ..Register with different groups relating to your business.Post nice artilces or blog post leaving link to your site.

Also join forums.

One thing about this social networks sites is that there are millions people waiting to see your products.

Each time you update your site or blog ,share the title or heading with the social network yous registered.Aslo search engines will index it and giving you traffic..Social network like facebook that has over 260 millions account user and myspace aslo..They equally have advert space at little price for your products..

SO this the you start to make big cash on your internet buisness.

Nice time and see you on top

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