Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hot niches.... Their traffic and advertiser's bid

As i said this my site is a wealth made easy site,giving wealth information to the entire world on how best to be richer without stress or huge capital investment...
For the benefit of my readers and visitors here are some hot niche you can blog on and make big cash..
The word niche means topic ,subject or products you blog on or build site on...HERE are some,,their traffic figure on net and advertiser's bid on it
"gps" it traffic hit is about 6o4405 advertiser bid $1.10

"stress" it's traffic hit 94327 advertiser bid $0.55

"stretchmarks" it's traffic hit 17652 advertiser bid $1.91

"urn" it's traffic hit 11861 advertiser bid$3.00

"healthinsurance" it's traffic hit 303646 $3.76

Most bloggers built blog with their names as niche or tittle is not wise...someone who that answers micheal wants to build a blog or site on wealth...He name it" micheal wealth "no the best is something like wealthapple,wealthmagic,wealthgrowth..

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